Coaching Staff

*  Bergen Xpress staff has passed NCSI criminal background checks.

Phil Hogan is entering his 11th season as Head Coach and co-founder of Bergen Xpress. Phil is a USATF Certified Level 1 & Level 2 Throws Coach.  He specializes in throwing events, including shot, discus and javelin, and oversees track meet entries and practice scheduling.    Contact Coach Phi


Michele Hogan,  Team Admin and People Coach, is entering her 11th season as a co-founder of Bergen Xpress.  She oversees all registration, logistics and team financial activities. She coaches the parents and the BCX coaching staff. Contact Michele.

Rob Douglas, Assistant Coach

Coach Rob is a former professional football player for the New York Giants. Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, he was an All State football player and State Football Champion. He attended the University of Memphis and played football for the Tigers from 2001-2005. Coach Rob was acquired by the New York Giants and played with the Giants from 2006-2008.

Coach Kertis

George E. Jenkins, Advisor & Coach

George, known to his athletes as “Coach Do-Over,” advises Coach Phil on the team’s conditioning program, and works durng the championship rounds with hurdlers, long sprinters, distance runners, and  jumpers.  Contact Coach George.  He has 15 years experience as a youth coach, officiates high school and college track meets and coaches master’s and post-collegian athlete’s year round.  He’s a former NCAA certified coach at Bloomfield College and Montclair State University.

George’s coaching accreditations include:

* All Bergen Xpress coaches have undergone NCSI criminal background checks.